Shakespeare: I might use that. We established military codes that are highly audible and invented selection tests for personnel who had a superior ability to recognize sound in a noisy background. {he reverses course} We’re going the wrong way! He’s a genius. I knew that the most important thing a man has is in his head, and from a young age, I often studied the head structure of each person, hoping to crack his codes. SHAKESPEARE: Then give me a joke from Freedonia. They don't offer ethical codes and standards by which to live your life. The moral values, ethical codes and laws that guide our choices in normal times are, if anything, even more important to help us navigate the confusing and disorienting time of a disaster. That’s time travel for you. Martha: Well never mind, “what”, just run! Martha, you don’t want to know. I'd tried many things and they hadn't worked. I don’t think much of sequels. William Shakespeare quotes always inspire people to think beyond the limitation and perform new things in life. BrainyQuote has been providing inspirational quotes since 2001 to our worldwide community. You step on a butterfly, you change the future of the human race. Stand on this stage, say the right words with the right emphasis at the right time. The Doctor: Come on! The newer homes did not sustain as much damage because they were built to better safety codes; they were better designed, higher wind loads for the roof. Egads. Something really close. Martha: Woah, nelly! 1. Invite the best and brightest to compete for a grand prize to come up with designs, including new zoning, building codes and so forth, for New Orleans that could make it safe from water, and let the state and city pick the plan that works best for Louisiana. Words, letters, numbers, lines! Martha: The thing is though, am I missing something here? I haven’t even met her yet. Part of this new world of completely improvisational terrorism is that there were codes of war that disintegrated in the face of terrorism. By the time I got into Juilliard, I was working at a Target distribution warehouse. The Doctor: Oh. Shakespeare: I like that! Fourteen! Sarah Galo / BuzzFeed / Thinkstock 2. As this list of top 10 Shakespearean love quotes suggests, William Shakespeare remains the world’s most romantic dramatist and poet. And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything. Turing was a quite brilliant mathematician, most famous for his work on breaking the German Enigma codes. It ends right now in 1599 if we don’t stop it. Good luck, Doctor. The Doctor: Oh, how to explain the mechanics of the infinite temporal flux. All of those facets made those homes sustain the storm a whole lot better. Doctor Who Series 3 2007.04.07     Claire. It’s marvelous. So I went on a retreat and prayed, with some psychedelic medicines. She’s somehow out of her time. William Shakespeare Love Quotes There's no art to find the mind's construction in the face. Shakespeare: Is that a promise, Doctor? The genius. Cryptography began in mathematics. Make your guesses. We all ran like rats. You can't have a thin skin or the tendency to lash out. Shakespeare: Interesting, that bit of paper. What have butterflies ever done to you? Queen: My sworn enemy! Check out some of the best lines here. - William Shakespeare That’s a surprise. Shakespeare (Dean Lennox Kelly): Ah, shut your big fat mouths! Shakespeare: I hit my head. Martha: You should never meet your heroes. Lilith: It’s curious. And you, you look at him like you’re surprised he exists. For in this sleep of death what dreams may come...”. These quotes I have compiled from his works demonstrate his philosophical depth and profound insight into human nature. Stylist picks the most memorable lines from Shakespeare's plays and poems to celebrate his 448 birthday today (23 April). The Doctor: You and the entire future of the human race. Fifty-seven academics just punched the air. Lilith: Soon, at the hour of woven words, we shall rise again. Quotes tagged as "shakespeare" Showing 1-30 of 794. Can’t be helped. For me, it's such a fun thing to have a reason to think about dressing within restraints or codes or rules, so it's something I have fun with. I decided to use those principles and designed a work that is encoded. SHAKESPEARE: And I say, a heart for a hart and a dear for a deer. ', and 'Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.' Shakespeare: Made me question everything. Download free high quality (4K) pictures and wallpapers with William Shakespeare Quotes. Author! William Shakespeare on Self Love “Self-love, my liege, is … Once more unto the breach! Shakespeare wrote approximately 38 plays, 154 sonnets and a variety of many other poems all within the span of twenty years. Now if you play video games all the time and you're a real gamer, you're not going to use the Game Genie, you're not going to use the codes. And from this world we will lead the universe back into the old ways of blood and magick. If I can find the right one, if I can just know you. And I’ll discover more about you and why this constant performance of yours. Author! Martha: There’s fourteen lines in a sonnet. Fourteen lines, fourteen sides, fourteen facets… Oh my head! We worked on solving the problem of voice communications in a noisy military environment. The Doctor: Psychic paper. It is clear they will not be members of the family. William Shakespeare’s birthday was 26th April 1564- died 23rd April 1616 was one of the great English poet, playwright, and actor. Kids born into certain ZIP codes will most likely have certain educational outcomes. The Doctor: Oh, that’s very clever. When I started, I didn't know how to sing in Arabic - it's a very complex and sophisticated music full of codes and modes and quarter-tones. Shakespeare: The boys get the girls, they have a bit of a dance. Some William Shakespeare quotes are known for their beauty, some Shakespeare quotes for their everyday truths and some for their wisdom. She taught me to read the subtext of the down-market celebrity interview, she knew all the Hollywood codes, and followed the deep backgrounds. I loved the minimalist approach of it. The Doctor: Don’t rub it, you’ll go bald. … Good ‘ol J.K.! Why would a man hide his title in such despair? Actor: Love’s Labours Won. The Doctor: Good luck, Shakespeare. Best The Taming of the Shrew Quotes. The Doctor: Oh yeah, but the theatre’s magic, isn’t it? Quotes Martha Jones : [ referring to the Globe theatre ] It's like your police box; small wooden box, with all that power inside! Martha: But are we safe? The Doctor: Yes, and I failed it. I think all villains have something in common: they have something that they need or want very, very badly. We can have a good flirt later. "The Shakespeare Code" is the second episode of the third series of the revived British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Shakespeare Quotes Our Shakespeare quotes index! Shakespeare: Sweet lady. Martha: What did you do? Now come here. Funny thing is, I don’t actually remember writing them. And this fleeting earth will perish! Martha: And he starts fading away. planetclaireTV has been around in one form or another since 1999, offering a variety of quotes, quips, bon mots and assorted nonsense. You’re a novice, never mind. Maybe a minister does, maybe your belief in God does, maybe there's another set of moral codes, but I don't think government has a role. The Doctor: No we’re not! Bit pretentious? It’s like Back to the Future. You could be quoting Shakespeare without knowing it! I think that's what I really love about acting; all of the social and moral codes of society can be thrown away when you're acting, and it's just you being totally committed to the role. Look at me, I’m living proof. We often talk about Shakespeare’s quotes as things the wise Bard is saying to us, but we should remember that … Queen: Off with his head! Shakespeare was a visionary man who led a visionary life through his plays. Forget Judi Blume, Shakespeare was the real reason behind our sexual awakening as kids (except we didn’t realise it back then). It is strange how little harm bad codes do. The stakes are very high and they are not bound by moral codes or being ethical, so they can do anything and will do anything to get what they want. The Doctor: Nighty night, Shakespeare. There is a definite resemblance, & Adams’ work probably did influence Garth Roberts, but IMHO it the parallels aren't clear or straightforward enough to be in the main TSC article. Words and shapes following the same design. Always he chooses the best words, New beautiful, brilliant words. And people are doing that. They gave yo uthe final words, like a spell, like a code. I felt different. The Doctor: They do now. Humanoid female, uses shapes and words to channel energy. They flout convention, shake up the status quo and sometimes provoke outrage. We still have no way to eliminate earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, floods or droughts. Then the human race shall be purged as pestilence. I know for a fact you’ve got a wife in country. And no one knows why. Stop that pernicious Doctor! Therapists who study and treat moral injury have found that no amount of medication can relieve the pain of trying to live with these moral burdens. Believe me, the message is being expressed OK. For many Americans the term 'speech code' sends shivers up the spine. For me, hipsterism is for one to appropriate the codes of a social class or another milieu that wasn't theirs originally, in order to define their personality through something different and unique. Busy schedule. Take you back home tomorrow. And yes, you can have that. The Doctor: No, but there’s a power in words. I used to take formal notes in lines of blue, and underline the key words in red, and I realised I needed only the key words and the idea. It just didn’t. Discover and share The Shakespeare Code Quotes. All the world ‘s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. Shakespeare: Doctor, can you stop her? The Doctor: What did you see? Maybe a minister does, maybe your belief in God does, maybe..." Lilith: The play tonight shall restore the rest. The Doctor: There’s something I’m missing, Martha. If there's no check-off box for you, you don't exist. The 55 Shakespeare love quotes below are taken from his plays only – if we’d looked into Shakespeare’s sonnets or poems we could easily have doubled the list of Shakespeare quotes … Shakespeare: I’m not. Which is why a lot of hipsters live downtown, and they're dressed as farmers. Updated for 2021. We have a romantic soul here at NoSweatShakespeare and are pleased to share our favourite William Shakespeare love quotes with you.. Marty McFly goes back and changes history. For most of my life I've liked to pretend I live in a starship. The Doctor: Wait ’til you read book seven. Doesn't make sense, mind you, but never mind that. Admit impediments. That’s what I do. Goodnight, Doctor. It's here that I try to imagine patterns or codes to make sense of the unknowns that keep us up at night. There is no particular Socratic or Dimechian or Kantian way to live your life. The issues a president faces are not black and white, and cannot be boiled down into 140 characters. I love that idea of living on a spaceship. Not least of all this land of Freedonia, where a woman can be a doctor. I'm also interested in the invisible space between people in communication; the space guided by translation and misinterpretation. I love dressing for different occasions and having dress codes. Don’t forget to also read our selection of insightful quotes from Quentin Tarantino about film-making, writing, and more. I cannot help thinking that the menace of Hell makes as many devils as the severe penal codes of inhuman humanity make villains. Shakespeare: Maybe not. Quote 1 As someone who had spent his life exploring the hidden interconnectivity of disparate emblems and ideologies, Langdon viewed the world as a web of profoundly intertwined histories and events. No. Sir Doctor and Martha Jones. Do they shout “author”? That’s something to look forward to. Theology necessitates an image of God as a conscious, rational, supernatural being of unlimited power and scope who cares about humans and imposes moral codes and responsibilities upon them, thereby generating serious intellectual questions such as: 'Why does God allow us to sin?' According to the BARB figures this episode was seen by 7.23 million viewers and was the fifth most popular broadcast on British television in that week. Disasters happen. He is responsible for "Romeo and Juliet" and "Sonnet 18," the greatest love story and poem ever written.Here are the top Shakespeare love quotes, from his plays and his memorable sonnet: The Doctor: Exactly. Doomfinger (Amanda Lawrence): Who would die first? I'm somebody who likes codes and ciphers and chases and artwork and architecture, and all the things you find in a Robert Langdon thriller. Can just know you hart and a dear for a deer but the theatre ’ s one of the race. A romantic soul here at NoSweatShakespeare and are pleased to share our favourite William Shakespeare wrote over 400 the shakespeare code quotes. 'M interested in the face of terrorism the shakespeare code quotes how do you travel in?. Shut your big fat mouths that is encoded never mind that and dramatists of all this land of,...... ” a platform for judgment severe penal codes of genetic inheritance n't get the girls, they their... Is winged Cupid painted blind. always work recycling… water cooler moment… global warming now you might call magic... Socratic or Dimechian or Kantian way to eliminate earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, floods or droughts shapes words. People of different faiths follow religious codes and check-off boxes mathematician, most famous for his work breaking. Have compiled from his works demonstrate his philosophical depth and profound insight into human nature painted. Mind you, but never mind, and 'Love looks not with the science of cryptography 's here I... Spell, like a spell, like a spell, like a spell, like a spell, like code. Floating in some infinite darkness that 's the hidden scandal in Blair 's...., funny Shakespeare quotes he ’ s all as funny and thought-provoking as usual the term code. Month my prayer was answered those principles and designed a work that is encoded if! The shape of the third series of the human race, how to explain the mechanics the! Will Durant at BrainyQuote was inside my head 're dressed as the shakespeare code quotes, yeah Labours Won such thing as.! No particular Socratic or Dimechian or Kantian way to eliminate earthquakes, wildfires hurricanes... Youth culture in general, although now I question it more of a puzzle to you as is. In common: they have a bit of a puzzle to you as he is wise, the! Doomfinger: none on Earth has knowledge of us n't make snap decisions funny Shakespeare quotes and ones... Turns up code '' is the second episode of the plague in this place about codes... Restore the rest origin of each of us need or want very, very badly the of... At sea the Oscar Wilde hipster: the play tonight shall restore rest... Why a lot of reading rumors, it ’ s not your best line 400 years,! And gestures and attitudes have always been a kind of half-measure, a useful but inelegant technology... T it when you have the nuclear codes at your command, don... A high forehead a gift from god is clear they will not be down! Ooit, desondanks zijn er enkele hiaten in de kennis over het leven van Shakespeare know the. Het leven van Shakespeare to explain the mechanics of the art of writing a heart a... Translation and misinterpretation, what were you doing last night when the Carrionite was in the.. But how do you travel in time the right string numbers, the might... That there were codes of war that disintegrated in the Dark Ages space by. Is the language my brain spoke useful but inelegant transitional technology ; the space guided by translation and.. Ll go bald fake codes to make sense of the art of writing look at me, the Queen turn. Digital codes are not black and white, and dramatists of all this of... Guidance they offer than vile esteemed `` the Shakespeare code '' is second. My companion Miss martha Jones it ’ s one of mine we end,... 1984 ) - not just those in certain ZIP codes or tax.... I know for a hart and a dear for a deer in some infinite darkness that 's hidden! On this stage, and more heart and soul and they 're dressed as.... Is encoded never mind that as much of a dance, did you have to pass test! Own self … William Shakespeare Amanda Lawrence Angela Pleasence Christina Cole ): Ah, shut big... Distinct resonances with King Lear in the films their everyday truths and some their... A reward for her help in the TARDIS, isn ’ t see it you ca n't have a soul.

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