People consider a communication art when it has merit, worth or excellence. Art is important because it makes our world a better place. Tolstoy’s theory has a lot of charming aspects. Introduction. Art is an important tool in causing us to examine our beliefs in light of an artists' rendition or perception of truth. The question really isn’t clear enough to provide a useful answer. Essay on the Art Of Conversation. Each piece of artwork is created for a reason. Reply. “The art of communication”—I like that phrase. To share a feeling, depict a memory or explore an idea. According to Tolstoy, the creation of a work of art proceeds along the following lines. This is the best means of communication and expression and also the oldest and the richest. He believes that art is a means of communicating emotion, with the aim of promoting mutual understanding. Because communicating is an art. Thank you for reading and becoming part of our conversations for Unity, Peace and Love … Communication Is Art Or Science? What makes art different and special is that a communication that has value. (Essay Sample) August 22, 2017 by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google+ 0 Viber WhatsApp. Other works affirm our faith. 12 Responses to The Art of Mindful Communication. ... frankness equal participation, warmth, politeness etc. And this is what makes art so universally accepted. By 1897, Leo Tolstoy (September 9, 1828–November 20, 1910) was already a literary legend of worldwide acclaim and a man deeply invested in his ultimate quest to unravel the most important wisdom on life.But he shocked the world when he published What Is Art? Communication through art can be achieved in many ways that don't rely on words. Art allows for the expression of truth and beliefs. It also brings a sense of enjoyment and pleasure. The truth is that art speaks to all because it’s not held victim to barriers like language, race or age. Sometimes they're obvious, like a celebratory image of a political leader. razika.mekki says: October 12, 2020 at 8:03 pm . Some art challenges our beliefs. Article shared by ... A conversation is also a participation, cooperation and interaction. How can we define art? Communication is not necessarily art. As another respondent points out, communication as defined by Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver is definitely science. What is authentic art and what is good art? Leo Tolstoy answered these questions in “What is Art?” (1897), his most comprehensive essay on the theory of art. Art is the intentional communication of feelings. Thank you. In mathematical terms, art is a member of the set of communication. Communication is the process of exchanging information between two individuals. Art is the neutral county of the world war, choosing no sides and yet chooses all sides. Paul C Pritchard says: October 15, 2020 at 7:20 am . Art does not equal communication, but all art is communication.