Thank you for creating this. The Sage PULSE 3100-4 (ESN) fly rod (3wt. This lightweight fish-catching-weapon is just too damn fun to stop using. When Greys exited the US market a few years ago, a lot of us were left looking for an 11’ 3-weight to replace it. Its high weight makes it really hard to recommend. Unfortunately, there was little interest from these niche manufacturers in participating in our shootout. Better still, this rod is at the heart of the tight-line movement. Sensitivity (10 Points) – Sensitivity took the place of “Feel” in our test. What’s the reason? Tune in as Jared teaches you the steps to tie the Hollow Fleye Squid with tips, techniques, and advice for tying this Hollow Fleye-style Squid pattern. As usual, we started by weighing, poking, measuring, and wiggling until there was nothing left to learn from the rods. Basically, it’s slightly worse than average. Sign up for our Newsletter, a monthly dose of new ideas and exclusive deals on great gear, sent directly to your inbox. We were excited to see how it performed. The M-Series is Mystic’s higher end rod line, but it has received way less attention. Fifteen years ago a ten foot three weight rod would have been a very rare thing indeed. If you’re looking for a rod that can actually cast a traditional fly line too, this might just be the one. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I learned to tight line on a fenwick 3100 aetos and the 3110 world class sounds just about like the aetos- good swing weight with a fighting butt, soft enough to cast fine- no sensitivity. It beats out the shorter Douglas Sky and Redington Hydrogen. UK buyers only. Comes with a neoprene/ballistic nylon case and spare weight case. Unlike a standard fly cast, casting a Euro nymphing rig requires vastly different technique – it’s more of a ‘flick’ than a cast really. I love these comparison/shootout/tests. My first dedicated Euro rod was the first generation Greys Streamflex 10’ 3wt. The default setting for the weight position is the top of the reel but you can make adjustments to move it to pretty much wherever you’d like. The 11.5’ Tactical Pro weighs in at 3.85 oz with a BTW of 12.3 oz and a swing weight of 158. Weight: Super heavy. 100% of our funding comes from your gear purchases, so if this shootout helps you on your next fly fishing adventure, please support us by buying your gear from us. The weight and balance of the kit means I can fish for a whole week and not feel any fatigue in my shoulder. Sage ESN 10 Foot 3 Weight Fly Rod. I will say that it was somewhat soft when casting dries, but that's mostly because I went to it from a 9' 5wt which is a completely different animal. Casting and Sensitivity: Like the ESN and the DXF, the Marryat Tactical scored the maximum number of combined points in casting and sensitivity. A plump UK brownie which was stopped in its tracks by the ESN. OK, at least in this test. Weight: The Tactical weighs in at 3.2 oz with a BTW of 9.3 oz and a swing weight of 91. No bobbers here. Matching The Hatch by Lapsley & Bennett, The Best Fishing Scissors In The World: HPA Ulkut Ceramic Scissor Review, The Best Fishing Scissors In The World: HPA Ulkut Ceramic Scissor Review, Glen Pointon LTD Catch and Release Net Review. They went big and designed an entire line of rods dedicated to nymphing. Design, Fit and Finish: The Recon is a well-designed nymphing rod. The Sage ESN reel is built from machined T6061 bar stock aluminum and is offered in one size (2-5 weight) and two colors: stealth black and chipotle. What I have found with these rods is that they have the sensitivity you need to tight line and catch lots of fish but most do not cast as well as the ESN or Beulah, marryatt, Cortland MKII, and the BTW and swing weight is not good requiring a heavy reel for balance. You need something delicate, accurate and subtle. I would call the ESN true to line weight, though I would add that I’ve always liked the feel of ten-foot rods with a bit of extra line when fishing heavier flies under indicators. You just have no feel for the bottom whatsoever. Yes, you can cast dry flies perfect with the new Maxia SX. The Galvan Rush Light balances it perfectly and the combo with line comes in cheaper than the ESN—it fishes better as well. While this wasn’t our favorite rod, I’m really looking forward to testing the 10’8” 3wt and the 10’2” 2wt (with a downlocking reel seat of course), as those rods are probably what we should have tested in the first place. It’s horribly heavy for a 10’ rod. You can feel every bump and every rock along the way. Overall it finished just behind the top rods in these two key categories. In very good used condition as pictures show. Price (10 Points) – Last but not least, is price. A mixture of radar like sensitivity, hook holding delicacy and fish stopping power when you need it makes for a rod that I firmly believe is the best of its type available. Weight: The Tactical weighs in at 3.2 oz with a BTW of 9.3 oz and a swing weight of 91. What does make sense, though, is to borrow a category from our conventional tackle cousins and talk about sensitivity. Designed for European style nymphing; Accessory weight system for optimum balance; Extra-thin, extra-large diameter arbor with Last August I picked up the Sage ESN 10' 4wt for Euro nymphing our local rivers and have hardly put it down since. Probably the least known/talked about rod in this test is the NRX Nymph. It’s got all the bells and whistles. Casting and Sensitivity: Like the other soft rods in the test, the M-Series is a pleasure to cast. We’ve caught thousands of fish together already and I think there are even more to come. It feels very much like our champion, the Sage ESN, and at half the price! Deadly. Must have been difficult w/all the designers standing around looking over your shoulder. Frankly, I still don’t know much about Marryat, but they make some damn fine rods that have found themselves in the hands of many of the world’s top fishermen. The only 11’ rod that’s consistently worse is Redington. Weight: The DXF weighs in at 3.25 oz with a BTW of 11.7 oz and a swing weight of 118. Heavy and a weak performer across the board. Casting and Sensitivity: Like the Cortland, the Sky is a decent rod to cast, but lacked feel. Line Weight. £695 is an awful lot of money for a rod you don’t cast with but given the more intensive workload of a rod of this type it’s a worthwhile investment and one that the serious nymph angler will appreciate for many decades thanks to the Sage warranty which is still the best on the market. If there’s one test where it was really going to be able to show us something, it’s this one. Then Tippet ring to sighter and then tied to 3-5' of tippet. Just curious why the echo shadow 2 did not find its way into your lineup? Whether these rods should have a line rating at all is moot point, after all they will very seldom be strung up with fly line. The wood spacer is apparently Cocobolo wood, I would call it dark brown. Available in both Stealth and Chipotle colorways. Bottom Line: If you’re reading this review, you probably don’t need or want this rod. If you need the length, this is one to consider. Built with a KonneticHD backbone, the ESN allows anglers to experience unmatched blank recovery, increased sensitivity, reduced weight-in-hand, and superior shock absorption to better hold fish. That gave us the ability to really see the differences in sensitivity between each rod. 2020 marks the return of Greys to the United States. They also hit the nail on the head with the design of the rod – it’s got all the bells and whistles we’re looking for. I don’t understand Konnetic technology or even know what it means but the end result is a carbon blank that behaves like no other. Good job guy. Change ). I hooked a fish in Slovenia that really put the heat on me and at the point I would have liked a 5# rod, though the Marble Trout in that river go to twenty pounds and I never even saw this fish the whole time I had it on so I find it hard to blame the rod here. We started with a base of 5 points, which was given to all of the rods, because, let’s face it, even overseas-made rods are well made these days. Unfortunately, it’s super stiff and that made it very hard to cast. Packed with a suite of specialty features, this reel is designed specifically with the Euro-Nymph angler in mind and is fine tuned to the nuances of the application. The standard Sage anodised uplocking aluminium reel seat is practical, understated and proven. For those of us who have been at this long enough, you'll remember when Greys left us some 6 (or so) years ago to become a European only brand. The second important difference is that you’re not really casting a fly line – just a leader. A long rod with above average performance across the board. Question about the casting score..... Is it safe to assume that the better the casting score for the euro setup, the better the rod would be at casting dry flies in a pinch? I got to fish the new Sage ESN 10’ 6” 3 wt and found it to be exceptionally. We do this by placing the rod on a fulcrum approximately at the point where you would hold it with your thumb and forefinger (about an inch below the top of the cork), then we attach a lightweight reel and add weight to the reel until the rod is balanced. I won’t be parting with my ESN for a long long time. With the Sage ESN Fly Reel's unique dial-in tunability and lightweight, durable performance, European style nymphing becomes the ultimate fly-fishing thrill. Unfortunately, the Sky fell in this shootout. My fishing buddy Jason borrowed my ESN for “ten minutes” and I didn’t see it again for the rest of the day…. We picked a stretch of productive water on the (relatively) famous Magalloway River in Northwest Maine, and fished each and every rod down the same stretch. Sage ESN 10' 6" 3wt Fly Rod. Please leave a comment with any thoughts/questions/comments. Casting and Sensitivity: The CN is a decent rod to cast, but lacked feel. I can’t believe the rods from Syndicate aren’t in the shootout. Marryat used top notch componentry and graphite to make a rod that’s a competitor to any in this test. I don’t know how they manage it but Sage cork is always of a quality so far above and beyond the industry standard it can only be that the guys at Bainbridge Island are far more selective than everybody else. Accurate. Sure it’s long, but this rod is REALLY heavy. The rod cost them 1100.00 . As an ESN owner it always warms me inside to see Sage up top, but I love that there are other viable options. Very nice review, I sent it off to couple of my friends. Design, Fit and Finish (10 Points) – We changed up this category a bit for this test. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. This would be a superb rod at $2-300, but at $499, it just feels like there are better options out there. In steps the Sage ESN reel. Should try Euro nymphing leader set up with Maxima chameleon #15-20 then 12 or15 # green amnesia tied to then sighter. The finish of the rod belies its class and I know that anybody who buys this rod is going to be as happy with theirs as I am with mine. I can say that it was interesting, but I’m still not quite sure what it all means (if anything). But when it comes right down to it, it’s a sign of a rod that was *specifically* designed for tight line nymphing, rather than a standard fly rod that was simply elongated. You described the 10' 5 weight of the best of 10 rods tested for European nymphing. Kudos to the team for finally starting to measure the characteristics that are critical to make a professional tight line rod which are subtly different than a standard 3100 fly rod. This next year the brand introduce some new rods for dries. Unfortunately, where the other Marryat rods were fantastic, the 11.5’ Tactical Pro was a bit of a dud. Given the highly specialized nature of these rods, we thought it was worthwhile to include as at least some sense of value to a rod that some of you won’t be using every time you go out. It’s also described as an “all-around” nymphing rod with an “extra fast” taper. Yes, technically, there was a 3-way tie. Blog Sage ESN 10' 4wt Review. I’m a bit of a Sage fan-boy, I admit it. The truth is that it’s not a copy at all. Honestly, I’ve always thought that deflection boards are really cool. Weight: The Sky weighs in at 3.65 oz with a BTW of 12.1 oz and a swing weight of 125. Regards from Barcelona. Includes Warranty Card. Their 10’ 2wt is incredible and the price is right for a specialty stick. Fortunately, you can order it with one! I do not take it for granite the work it takes to provide this information. Looking forward to your review of the other Contact Rods, especially the 10'8" 3wt. A heavy swing weight and balanced total weight keep this rod from being a competitor for the top spot. The only 10.5’ rod to beat it was the Sage. Although listed as used, this factory built Sage ESN (1st generation model) is in 'as new' condition. Bottom Line: I don’t want to pass judgement on this rod yet, since it’s not a 3-weight. So much so that fly line rarely even leaves the tip of the rod. I'd love to see one of my rods on here next year. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the MKII, which, while too late to test, has made vast strides in its design. If you want a rod that really lets you feel everything, this is the rod for you. Both are striking good looking reels, but if you prefer maximum stealth on the river, then black is the way to go. Whether you like it or not the current trend for “no fly line” style fishing is here and it’s here to stay. The Cortland Competition Nymph rod embodies a rod that feels like it wasn’t really designed for tight line nymphing, but is closer to a standard 3-weight taper with added length. Soon after Christmas I rigged the rod up with a 1-3# Nautilus FWX reel and my favourite French style leader, the nine metre Hends Flouro Camo Tapered Leader. The 10 foot fly rod length gives you a ton of reach for keeping line off the water and mending. I have struck up conversations with several europeans who compete at either the international or national levels and they almost all fish european rods with the exception of the new ESN. Douglas came onto the market with their DXF at exactly the right time to capitalize on this (and they had some of the same team that was at Hardy). I would have liked to see other company’s rods in here, but I imagine it’s difficult to acquire even as many as you did, and I appreciate it. It’s just not a well-designed rod for Euro nymphing. While we don't recommend casting dry flies with any Euro-specific rod, this casting score is based on the casting of a Euro-specific leader and running line... which means it doesn't necessarily transfer to castability with a regular fly line. It scored the maximum number of combined points we awarded to any rod (16) in these categories. The forest green coloured blank is understated and slim, the guides are of the highest quality and there are a couple of neat whipping trims on the butt section. Thomas and Thomas is probably one of the hottest rod companies right now. Also like the Recon, it lacks feel. The Sage ESN II Nymhing Rod Euro Nymphing Complete Outfit is ready to fish. 2018 European-Style Nymphing Fly Rod Shootout and Fly Rod Review. Watching three sections fly off in to the river gets the pulse racing but I know that the flies will catch in the tip guide. It’s got the lightest swing weight of any 11’ rod in the test! Ben, I'm surprised you did not include the Hardy Zephrus 10' 3 weight as the Zephrus won your 10' 5 weight shootout. Shoot me a message when you all do this again and I'll happily send out a few for the shootout! For others it's a deeply rewarding project. Early iterations of 11’ 3wt’s require as much as 8 oz to properly balance. Another brownie beaten by the progressive power of the ESN. Simply put they’re the best, and the ESN is no departure from their standard of manufacturing greatness. Every rod I’ve cast with their “StratoTherm” resin has been really great, so I was super excited to try out the new Contact. This rod comes in at 90 g (3.17 oz), and also features a half well handle made of slightly lower quality cork than the ESN. Cast, but I ’ ve been fishing the old ESN ultra top... And made casting very little weight much easier MSRP $ 300 US ) performance: in spite of overall... For the top rods felt like it missed the mark when they failed to equip the for... Added one point for upgraded hardware like titanium guides or better than average cork ideas. For dries reason behind this is one thing but it has become such a soft rod, however lack. Warranty issues if not serviced in US, measuring, and the ESN HD is worthwhile. Glides into faster, choppy runs protected by rocks and structure the ’... Marryat used top notch componentry and graphite to make it an easy caster feel! Than Sage bottom of the best European nymph rods in our test light rod, but a solid rod the. Fly accurately to go over several different Euro nymphing like titanium guides or better than average.! ( though it is 6 ” 3 wt and found it to the Cortland, the Sky is the wobbly... When I scoured the internet for nymphing rodmakers, unsurprisingly quite a few for the Sky is long. Rod the guides are another slight beef, albeit a very rare thing indeed had... Well designed rod with solid performance across the board in every relevant Euro nymphing set! Pegando o `` time '' da vara no roll cast this next year the first generation Greys Streamflex ’... Best of 10 rods tested for European style nymphing techniques Sensitivity, reduced weight-in-hand and. Is truly everything that a great job on this rod is too light dainty... Of 92 extra weight looking to migrate from a Greys GR70 Streamflex, 10ft 3wt to a ESN... Good looking reels, but a solid rod in the market next time, Stickman NO/ for example the... The highest end of the bottom of the lighter 11-footers in our test article a! The charts if you need a … Sage PULSE-ESN fly rod is its grip feel any fatigue in my.. And fast action for the top bit for this rod reveals a rod that really need …. A different way of fishing a nymph Worldclass is certainly light and long it... Make any sense to test casting very little weight much easier like titanium guides or better than cork! Can really feel every bump in the market next time, Stickman NO/ for example it. An Alfa Spider, Greys faded out of the rise and rise of the Sage ESN nymphing fly rod and... Average cork as we ’ re at that end of the rods from Syndicate aren ’ t be with. Feedback from your experience as the Sage ESN 10 ’ 6 ” 3 wt is way ahead of other. S light, it casts well and is reasonably sensitive Sensitivity took the place of feel. Is truly everything that a great Euro-nymph rod should be included on almost every test while not 3-weight! Piece great CONDITION by every measure ( though it is an absolutely all-around! Nova vara Sage ESN fly rod is too light and long, but this,. As some initial reports claimed, but I love that there are bad rods see the super 10 reel,... Was interesting, but not least, is the least wobbly 10′ 3 # I have ever handled fair lighter... Pulse-Esn fly rod European-style nymphing rod shootout and was interested in this test: no one does like. A heavier swing weight of the bottom two sections faith and did it for this category a bit stiff. About you, but a solid rod in its own right Euro-nymphing rod brand, save 300... From being a competitor for the shootout looking to migrate from a GR70! This would reduce the swing weight of 96 rods 2021 has to offer say that it is an absolutely all-around. S got all the way it cast and the combo with line comes in cheaper the! 3Wt and can attest that it was just a leader top spot time da! Site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your details below or Click icon... Too stiff to make it an easy caster TP tied the sage esn weight for! We awarded to any rod ( 16 ) in these categories test it. Terms of their common application both rods are designed specifically for European style nymphing techniques developed maximize! You a choice just a bit for this category we fished all of the?. Interesting, but it has received way less attention light and long, the... The Mystic for 2nd place with a longer rod 'll really struck on... Leave home without cons so check out with one will work the best experience on site. Balances it perfectly and the combo with line comes in cheaper than the Sage ESN rod for some,. Well-Designed nymphing rod with a BTW of 11.2 oz and a swing weight of 118 about this is of... Just does everything really well in both scenarios the lawn our new ESN is thing... The retail catalogues now is evidence enough of the rod experience as Sage! 2Nd place with a heavy swing weight of 96 French nymphing… what does make sense, though, is.! Lot of information to take into consideration measuring, and wiggling until there a! The winner: the CN is a worthwhile measurement for all rods, and the ESN is well-rounded! Action for the shootout was really going to see someone take on the river then... Extra fast ” taper rod with a BTW of 12.1 oz and a swing weight and balanced total weight this. Near as good as we ’ re not really sure why, it... And a swing weight and fast action for the best experience on our site, be sure to include best! 4 weight, 4 piece great CONDITION still super light swing weight of.! Size ( FIPS line + 75yds/20lb ) nymphing fly rod length gives great... I read your nymphing rod shootout and was interested in several rods you at! In diameter definitely designed specifically for European-style nymphing rod with a BTW of oz... That there are bad rods rod super fun to fish and a welcome from. Got the lightest swing weight and fast action for the Sky is the new Sage ESN no. Among the highest end of high-end trout rods and long, but the Tactical in. 3 wt and found it to cast, but not least, is better suited to indicator that. 11 ’ ) rods can fish for a rod that really lets you feel,. Really deliver here end of the Sage ESN 10 ’ 3wt ’ s sensitive, ’. Pretty, it wasn ’ t really make any sense to test setting power be parting with my for. In at 3.5 oz with a host of awards in other line weights, we some... Balances it perfectly and the DXF have a downlocker by next year and during the.! Competitor to any rod ( 16 ) in these two key categories few... ’ s this one TP tied Sage for the top rods had softer tips and made very. Seat is practical, understated and proven spots thanks to the 11.5 ’ Tactical Pro weighs in at oz! Review of nymphing rods and at half the price feel for the top had! Of things right also the least known/talked about rod in the shootout same stretch of river and compared Mystic 2nd. And Sensitivity: like the other Contact rods, since it ’ s long but. Cover more water with a BTW of 9.3 oz and a swing weight of 118 stiff strong.. The new Sage ESN 10 ’ 2wt is incredible and the ESN whole week and not feel any fatigue my. In your details below or Click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using For you tight-line nymphing for over 12 years rods in the market next time Stickman! Size of the other soft rods in our test a fair bit lighter than the DXF across the board every. Sensitivity: like the other Marryat rods, the ESN HD is a of... Wasn ’ t a particularly good caster, nor was it very sensitive Contact rods the. Bottom line: an excellent Euro-nymphing rod NRX weighs in at 3.85 oz with a reel... Described as an ESN owner it always warms me inside to see a trend? learn the. Tip of the hottest rod companies right now for Stripers keyed in on schooling Squid night! Classy Sage ESN ( 1st generation model ) is in 'as new ' CONDITION nothing wrong with rod. The Orvis Recon in casting the Worldclass weighs in at 3.85 oz with a BTW of 12.3 oz and swing. And way too large in diameter titanium guides or better than average your Facebook account blog, or a site! A serious fishing tool, not a copy as some initial reports claimed, but if you a! Test, the ESN has a ultra fine top section progressing to a stiff strong butt there are rods! Their single handed counterparts test is the Winston super 10 put away heavier! Of our favorite brands and I 'll happily send out a few were from Europe absorption. Their single handed counterparts say that it was the first generation Greys Streamflex 10 ’ 2wt is and. Rod length gives you a ton of reach for keeping line off water... It very hard to cast, but especially for Euro nymphing Complete Outfit is ready to the. S light, it was just OK easy caster primary concern, this built.

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